Takobin Daukaka book 1 by Sarkin Marubuta Sufi


Name Takobin Daukaka 1
Author Mansur Usman Sufi
Size 877KB
Format TXT
Category Adventure, Takobin Daukaka
Modified Date 12/04/2022
Price Free


At this time, the famous Hausa language expert in Baha'i literature, Sufi Usman Umar, is presenting a new book with a new and beautiful style. We are happy to present to you the book TAKOBIN DAUKAKA, you should download it and take your case.

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Mansur Usman Sufi

This page of Hausa books is a page created by the King of Writers MANSUR USMAN SUFI to bring Hausa books, Hausa culture, history. solutions, and research. even the situation in the world of writers. and we do all our work according to the rules and good order.

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