Sarkin sadaukai book 2 by Mansur Usman Sufi

Sarkin Sadaukai 

Adventure Novels

Writing by Author
Mansur Usman Sufi


In the city of Tehran, there is a dead queen, and Basadaukiya, who is nicknamed Abidat al-Auliya,

 Abidat al-Auliya is a beautiful witness who has confirmed the correctness of the comparisons and predictions of the soothsayers,

 In this END OF THE CENTURY, there is no other beautiful woman with a look like her, because the news of her beauty has spread everywhere in the world,

 It is also popular in the field of magic,

 Since Queen Abidatul-Auliya was fourteen years old, she ascended the throne of Tehran, and at the moment she is thirty years old, but she has never been in love with a boy, let alone talked about marriage.

 The great princes, sorcerers, and rich people tried to ask for their love for Queen Abidatul-Auliya, but they did not succeed.

 This is the thing that makes me wonder about her marriage.

 They said that Queen Abidat al-Auliya is in perfect health.

 He said that a woman who has lived these many years is a fool who wants a man and needs a man around her.

 Based on that, he asked the soothsayer to start an investigation to find out the reason for this happening

 But when they finished their research, there was no complete explanation from them.

 What they don't know is that it is strange that Queen Abidatul-Auliya did not love or marry except because of a serious problem that has plagued her for many years before she ascended the throne.

 This disease that afflicts her is that her left side of the body is infected with leprosy every night.

 She got this feeling when she was twelve years old and one day she went to the forest near the city of Tehran to hunt.

 Abidatul-Auliya is walking on the horse's head, she is dressed in a great battle dress, very brave and fearless, on the bed behind her is hanging some sharp swords and hilts. She exists and runs in the forest of tall trees, mountains, and rivers.

 She had to spend an hour running away from the tortures without meeting anything harmful, she didn't even hear the cries of the little birds, that was the thing that really bothered her and surprised her.

 Because since she was out hunting that never happened,

 She was in this situation and a thought came to her thinking that it was Anya that she was running away from her room to make the wild animals run away.

 But when she came here to think about it, she just continued to cry,

 It's like playing with her hair for an hour without feeling anything.

 At the time of the battle, so she had to pull the mouse so that it would stand still!

 Then she grabbed and untied her head and she ran into a stream that was full of water. Then she put her hand to draw water from the stream but she noticed that her urine had entered the stream and changed the color of the water.

 Slowly the color of the water of the stream changed to red,

 Abidat al-Auliya suddenly heard a terrible thunder

 Because she was so tired she didn't know when she was lying on the ground, she was barely breathing, and her stomach was shaking with fear.

 After that, an old man appeared in the middle of the window as if he was standing on the pavement.

 The man was as tall as a frankincense tree, his hair and beard were white and there were no black spots, his eyes were red like coals of fire, his nose was pointed as if he was not breathing, he had a wide mouth like a city gate, and he had a broad chest. like a plate,

 In the elbows of his two hands, he is holding two feathers from the bottom of the bed behind him, and he is wearing a kind of bent tail like a fish.

 On his waist he wears a pante of tiger's skin, which contains rings and lines of idols, and in the middle of his head he carries two big horns like the horns

 Surely this man is full of fear because there is no other person who will do anything to him except he is confused,

 When Abidat al-Auliya had sex with a man, her body became so tight that she was urinating in her pants because of fear and desperation.

 When the man saw the situation that Abidatul-Auliya was in, he broke down and laughed evilly, similar to the crying of strangers, and then he turned his face as if he had been sent a message of death.

Author Mansur Usman Sufi
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