Sarkin sadaukai book 2 by Mansur Usman Sufi


Author Muhammad Mansur Usman
Size 2.MB
Format TXT
Category Adventure, SARKIN SADAUKAI
Modified Date 12/4/2022
Price Free


Mansur Usman Sufi is one of the brave Hausa language writers in the world, and he has written great books. THE KING OF SADAUKAI contains the story of the great kings of the world who gathered their demands on a noble warrior, some need his sacred ring, others his bravery to invest in it, but unfortunately no one can express his need to him except him he could speak his language. Please download the compelet book from the beginning and read it, we hope you will benefit from it, thank you.

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Mansur Usman Sufi

This page of Hausa books is a page created by the King of Writers MANSUR USMAN SUFI to bring Hausa books, Hausa culture, history. solutions, and research. even the situation in the world of writers. and we do all our work according to the rules and good order.

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