Karni Uku book 2 complete by Mansur Usman Sufi


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Date 24 12 2022
Group Zauren Sufi Novels
Tages Adventure


The condition of the royal house is more beautiful than any other example, if a person looks at it to a part that is more or less beautiful, it will be full of maids, servants, servants and soldiers ready to enter the war, going back and forth, they are working.

     It was a young maid carrying fruits of the apostasy family, bananas and blood, in a basket, she went to the door, when the guards opened the door for her, she bowed her head and saluted.

   She was silent when she was not answered, and she could hear signs of movement in the door, so she continued to walk slowly, opening the doors of the door, until she reached the place where she expected to see the princess.

    She recited the salad and the tasbih in her mind, until her eyes began to fill with tears, she lowered them as if she was about to die, her chest was beating fast, she let go of the basket in her hand and the fruits inside scattered through the silence. Turk.

     Despite the apparent movement of the scattered fruits, it did not make them come back to their senses from the blasphemy of their Lord.

     She quickly turned to go back, her heart was filled with great sadness, I hope this bad blasphemy will be done in the Islamic royal house,
 I will definitely explain this matter to His Highness the King even if it will be the end of my life in the world.

     In the same way, she continued to walk so fast that she was stumbling, so that she could reach the road where she would meet the battle.

     The palace was full of nobles, commoners and soldiers, everyone was sitting politely and respectfully.

      King Anwar is sitting on his throne, dressed in the luxurious clothes of a rich king, holding a cazbaha in his hand, he is praying,

 The affairs of government are being conducted peacefully.

     An old man with many years of age and full of perfection corrected his voice politely and looked at His Highness the king and said, "O my boss, I have received news from the head of the mosque services that for two days there has been a decrease in the number of our youth coming out for morning prayers." , 
This is really a big disappointment, in my opinion, parents should be warned about the consequences of this, or everyone who fights to come out for morning prayer should be forced to give an excuse that is acceptable to the religion.

       A man from the court of the king, who is not less than forty years old, straightened his voice, took a deep breath, looked at an old man named Salman and said, "Oh God, the head of the council, there is a dance of understanding in the book and the Sunnah, there is no other place that can be found." forcing a person to worship, not to mention that if he fights, he should be taxed, because worship is done with pleasure.

       Even after hearing this issue from Hakimi Urwat, the palace was silent as if death had come to visit. 
All this discussion the king was listening to and did not say a word, until he realized that the discussion would cause anxiety, so he corrected his voice and said " I want you to know that this speech by the president of the parliament is very important, except that there is another problem that I think is ahead of this and I am waking up day and night with it, this problem is none other than the number of refugees from other cities who are coming to this country of ours, in order to find refuge, this has nothing to do with the violence that is happening in the city of Nuraniyyu.

       Last week there was news that this week there was a serious attack on the mosque during the morning prayer, this is certainly a sad and worrying thing that we should pay close attention to by strengthening security and giving the fighters we train for war.

   Mother and father is to stand on the path that our ancestors have laid on us...!

      Before the king finished his speech, he saw maid Ihsan enter the palace, her mind was awake and she was panting, as if her breath was going to end.

       King Anwar turned his gaze towards her to find out what was going on with her.

       When he told me that there were four feet left between her and the throne, she fell on her knees and bowed.

       The king accepted the greeting with a smile.

       Ihsan opened her mouth to say something, but even when she made eye contact with Hakimi Urwat, her mouth could not say anything. I was surprised to see that she was speaking in sign language.

      The king looked at her and said, "I wonder if I am the reason for this situation you are in, what do you want to understand me?"

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