Sarautar mutuwa book 1 by Mansur Usman Sufi


Name Sarautar Mutuwa book 1
Author Mansur Usman Sufi
Size 314.0KB
Format TXT
Category Adventure, Sarautar Mutuwa
Modified Date 20/10/2020
Price Free


about the book. The book contains the story of a king called Lazwar ibn Kaulat, a famous warrior and a rich man, but he never married. Based on his investigation into his idolatry, he found out that if he had sex with a woman, he would lose everything. He has possession in the world because of a spell cast on him by his enemy. based on this reason, he decided to conduct an investigation to find a solution to this. The story is definitely very interesting and entertaining for the listeners. Sarautar Mutuwa book 1 complete hausa adventure story written by me Usman Sufi in text format. Recently I shared book 1 and 2 for free. So now, is book 3. Download and read it shared by your author, Sarkin Marubuta.

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Mansur Usman Sufi

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