Kogon Annoba book 1 by Mansur Usman Sufi



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Download Kogon Annoba complete hausa adventure story written by me, Mansur Usman Sufi in text format. Recently I shared book 1 and 2 for free. So now, is book 3. Download and read it shared by your author,Sufi About the book. The book contains the story of some children who are miraculously gifted with different kinds of gifts. Their father was a noble king who was brave, compassionate, and fair to the poor. He loved his brothers and wanted to protect them, for this reason He made the kings in the neighborhood of his city do business with him because of his good dealings

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Mansur Usman Sufi

This page of Hausa books is a page created by the King of Writers MANSUR USMAN SUFI to bring Hausa books, Hausa culture, history. solutions, and research. even the situation in the world of writers. and we do all our work according to the rules and good order.

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