Fataucin bayi book 2 document compelet by mansur usman sufi

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Date 13 June 2023
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Tages Adventure


It was none other than King Wuhaisu. At this time, the foreigner did not let Wuhaisu sleep, but thought of the request of his son, the prince, and asked him to entrust him to be their guardian Nabihat.

 Anya, didn't the prince say that he should be given the power to take care of them because he has fallen in love with Nabihat in his heart?

 Now, if he ignores the strong love between them, he will be able to execute them, Nabihat, because the presence of idols has shown him that they will end his tyranny from the ground.
 When he thought of King Wuhaisu, his mind was more confused than ever
 This is what happens to him when he thinks of an idea that makes him happy.
 The idea is that he orders Yesiran's victims to take them to Nabihat to the part of the prison.

 Of course starvation will be their death,
 This is what happened after King Wuhaisu left the palace, he met his son Prince Tafiar,
In a state of shock and violence, Hunter Najwas laid his wife on a specially made bed at home before heading to seek emergency help.

 By making women. Applying medicine to the wound on her body, he scalded the blood on her body with hot water to reduce the swelling.

 Even at this time, the maiden must not have awakened, for she was lying in a deep sleep, having lost her sleeping heir.

 As Najwas was assessing the medication, she looked at him, gave him a brave smile, and said softly, "Father of my son, we found something to wipe away, what are you worried about? Our tears?"

 Najwas looked at her with pure empathy and love and said, "What is your reason for saying that?

 Kilimat said "This girl we found for us,

 He smiled at Najwas and said, "Your talk made me fall in love with you, but I want you to know that it's my love for you that breaks my heart.

 But after hearing this, both of them smiled slightly, giving each other a hopeful look.

 After spending three days caring for his wife Kilimat and girl Jezmat, hunter Najwas

 It was during these days that Kirimat made a smooth return to fitness

 One day, when Kilimat gave a girl the necessary training for combat, she sat down on a broad rock, holding his hand.

 Kilimat put both hands on the tyrant's shoulders, looked at her calmly, and corrected his voice: "What is the origin of this girl, what is your name, and what are your life stories?"

 But after hearing the question from Kilimat's mouth, the tyrant's eyes welled up with tears

 This incident really surprised Gilimat, and he said in a daze: "What is the reason for your crying?

 Know that telling me your story will give us a chance to help you in your life

 Hearing this, she wiped the tears off her face and said, "First of all, I am a name."

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