Fataucin bayi book 2 document compelet by mansur usman sufi


Author Mansur Usman Sufi
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Category Adventure, Fataucin Bayi
Modified Date 10 September 2022
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Description No description you are proceeding to Download the heroes fataucin complete document hausa novel was a book written by Mansur Usman Sufi. book 1 and 2 it's free About the book. 'The star of the book is a beautiful girl with beautiful white eyes, Her skin is a light fish color, she is called Jaruma Nabihat Bintu Shamsal, she is the only daughter of her father, King Nafsul-Iman. She took the vow to destroy all oppression and injustice on earth Because of this, she asked for the help of her young sisters who were great heroes with great strength. The content of the book is to ensure justice and fight for women's rights

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Mansur Usman Sufi

This page of Hausa books is a page created by the King of Writers MANSUR USMAN SUFI to bring Hausa books, Hausa culture, history. solutions, and research. even the situation in the world of writers. and we do all our work according to the rules and good order.

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