Fataucin bayi book 1 mansur Usman Sufi


Name Fataucin bayi 1
Author Sufin marubuta
Size 31.7KB
Format TXT
Category Adventure, FATAUCIN BAYI
Modified Date 12 September 21
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About the book. The book contains the story of some brave women who fought for their freedom and their city that was taken away from them by a cruel king, on the other hand a hunter who lives in the forest with his wife found one of the women who was a girl small on the bank of a river when the hunter's wife named zalimat came out to draw water in the river, the author of the book must have tried very hard to ensure the rights of her children and their struggle in the community in the whole world Download Fataucin Bayi book 1 complete hausa novel story written by Mansur Usman Sufi Writing to 2021.

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